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Date of publication: 2017-08-27 04:26

Word Wall "Active-ities" Build Vocabulary, Spelling, Writing Skills
A classroom word wall has many uses. A wide variety of activities and games can be used to reinforce vocabulary words on the wall -- and to build students' vocabulary, spelling, and writing skills. Included: Teachers share favorite word wall activities.

Worksheets to Improve the Language Skills of Your Prescholer

Studying with The Open University can boost your employability. OU courses are recognised and respected by employers for their excellence and the commitment they take to complete. They also value the skills that students learn and can apply in the workplace.

Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? | TED Talk

This Bird Can Blog!
Want to improve your students' quality and quantity of writing? Check out this lesson plan for grades 8-5! Students assume the persona of a real or imagined classroom pet and write a blog describing daily activities in the classroom.

The Creativity Crisis - Newsweek

Loved this article Dean. I can see myself falling down at #6 too quick to jump from creation to evaluation. I 8767 m ragged at the first stage, then start tweaking my way to a polished result. As my skills build, the beginning is less ragged and the tweaks are fewer.

By the Book -- Activities for Book Week!
"A book is like a garden carried in the pocket" -- but getting kids to crack open books is often no walk in the park! During this year's observance of Children's Book Week, share the wonder and magic of books. Included: Five language arts lessons you'll want to "bookmark"!

Develop your  skills in idea-generation, problem solving, collaboration and creativity.  Learn creative techniques  you can apply immediately to your work, to help you innovate more effectively.

Sometimes they are worried about you. You can also give them a time limit this helps you to take action too. Let 8767 s say (only if you feel comfortable with this) 8775 I request that you give me five years to accomplish this dream. In that time, fully support me. If I don 8767 t make it in the 5 years, I will look for truly new roads toward the dream or find a new dream to pursue. 8776

Celebrate Books: A (Book) Week of Fun!
The calendar might identify November 67-78 as Children's Book Week, but for most teachers -- always on the lookout for new ideas to promote literacy -- every week is Book Week. Education World offers five new lessons for a week of reading fun.

8. Being trapped by false limits
Usually we create those limits ourselves. For instance, 8775 My computer is old and doesn 8767 t have all the bells and whistles like others I compete with 8776 Well, even if you only possess one half of a dictionary if you learn every definition in it you will still blow most everyone else out of the water with your expertise. Many great paintings were made with five or fewer colors (straight out of the tube) with the knowledge of blending you can paint with even fewer colors, and most observers could never guess. It is not your tools that bind you only the lie that your imagination is limited by them

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