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Hi, I entered a contest at my school for writing and i won 7nd place and i love love love writing stories and songs for fun and i want to write right now but i dont know what to write about please help

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Personally? I create characters with specific motivations and weaknesses, and imagine what they would do if they were in a room together. There is no single right way to discover the plot.

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Indeed I managed to book an appointment this Monday in XPRESS Garage which is almost 6 hour far from my place that s why, I kindly request three hours off from 9:55 am to 66:55 am. I trust it would be enough to reach them, drop the car and returning back directly to office.

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I have to reflect and comment on Raymond Carver 8767 s statements either in appreciation or in criticism on the story 8775 On Writing 8776 . please help.

I really need help wroting my first novel thanks for the help! Any more advice ? i seem to be spinning my wheels I am a bit to be published, but I really want to be? Got any ideas

Hi I would like to write a letter to be absent 5 day, to attend my brothers wedding wich will be held in Bolivia, I haven t missed one day of work.

Hey, I am i high school student who is interested in becoming a professional author. I just wanted to Thank you ever so much for all the useful information on this site. It has really helped me alot in times of writers block. The ideas and techniques you have for getting ideas out and down onto ( paper or computer) are just brilliant. So thank you once again for all your advice.

Raise the stakes? Give the protagonist a huge fear of dogs, but an even bigger need to overcome that fear. But we have to know and care about your protagonist simply describing an encounter with a scary dog is just a crisis, not a story about someone we care about. What moral choices will your hero make, and how do the consequences of those choices drive the plot? Is the dog the antagonist, or is the dog simply a tool that the antagonist uses to make your hero 8767 s life miserable?

Most of all, practice as much as you can and identify the type of questions that you usually get wrong. Then work on improving your skills for that particular type of question.

I would like to let you know that I recently found out this interesting website: http://. The lessons are very helpful consequently I do thank you for all of them. Congratulations and may God bless you all for this useful work.

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