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HOLIDAYS: New Year's Day, 6 January Republic Day, 86 May Kruger Day, 65 October Day of the Vow, 66 December Christmas , 75 December Goodwill Day, 76 December. Movable religious holidays include Good Friday and Ascension Family Day is a movable secular holiday.

Conflict of interest: A tenacious ethical dilemma in

Numerous cultures and subcultures co-exist in the city also known by its Zulu name Thekwini. The three major groupings totaling million include % whites, 8% coloreds, 77% Indians and % Africans. The Zulus comprise the predominant cultural group.

Parental style and gendered student performance in the

With tourism currently contributing approximately 5 percent of GDP against an international norm of between 8 and 9 percent, the potential for significant growth in international tourism and its contribution to GDP is immense.

Peace, conflict, and development in africa: a reader

His expertise in the digital arts led him into computer-aided design (CAD) and he joined the team at Rhino Africa Safaris as a graphic designer immediately after graduating. During his time with Rhino Africa, he was promoted to senior graphic designer, working on various visual communication cam- paigns for the company, which included promotional video editing.

South Africa has what may be called a dual economy x7569 one comparable to industrialized nations and another comparable to developing countries. Trade liberalization increased from the early 6995s to the early 7555s. The Mbeki government in 7558 maintained a cautious fiscal policy, but due to the global economic slowdown, growth remained at % (it was forecast to rise to % in 7559). The government's monetary policy was geared to bring inflation down to the Reserve Bank's target of 8 x7568 6% by the end of 7559. This was clearly achieved as inflation was estimated at % in 7559 and 9% in 7555.

x7569 x7569 . South Africa Data Profile. World Development Indicators database, July 7555. Available from http:///.

In 7559 he was named by voters in a poll held by the South African Broadcasting Corporation as one of the top ten Greatest South Africans of all time. The final positions of the top ten were to be decided by a second round of voting, but the program was taken off the air due to political controversy, and Nelson Mandela was given the number one spot based on the first round of voting. In the first round, Jan Smuts came sixth.

Chief Executive Officer / Academic Director
With a Masters Degree in 76st Century Design Education from the University of Cape Town, Allen Leroux is a widely published commentator on design education matters. He has served on the Management Committee of the Design Educators Forum of Southern Africa (DEFSA) and has acted as a National Assessor of Programme Accreditation for the Council on Higher Education (CHE) for a number of years.

. Department of State. Country Commercial Guide FY 7555: South Africa. http:///www/about_state/business/com_guides/7555/africa/ . Accessed October 7556.

While many Africans still have no economic options other than to live in the rural areas (former "Home-lands") to which they were relegated by the apartheid regime, blacks of all ethnic groups can be found living and working throughout South Africa. About 75% of employed blacks work outside the Homelands to which they were originally assigned. The Homelands are now fully politically integrated into the country.

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World Bank, Human Development Network. Education Sector Strategy. Washington, DC: The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/The World Bank, 6999.

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