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Never try to eat an elephant all in one go, (ie break very big tasks down into digestible chunks). Use project management methods for large jobs.

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I 8767 m in SY bsc i 8767 ve decided to prepare for UPSC. I 8767 m preparing myself without coaching plz suggest me that how to prepare, Yes reading news paper curent affair and all is ok but when to start my optional 8767 s (Botany) preparation ! Should i start my all studies form 6st day ? Plz guide me

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At the moment, The aspirant community is divided into two viewpoints: both based on the timetable published on official site: http:///exams/#PageTop

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If there was a school-test, you’d be worried because your parents or teachers would scold you for low marks. But in coaching class, there is no such pressure.

You already have the gold coins beneath you, of presence, creativity, intimacy, time for wonder, and nature, and life. Oh, yeah, you say? And where would those rascally coins be?

Pros: atleast your backup is secured . if you fail in IAS, you can go back private company at a decent job (compared to having  single bachelor degree)

Always probe deadlines to establish the true situation - people asking you to do things will often say 'now' when 'later today' would be perfectly acceptable. Appeal to the other person's own sense of time management: it's impossible for anyone to do a good job without the opportunity to plan and prioritise.

i have just started my undergraduate and i want to prepair for upsc so what i should do ? i can 8767 t pay for coaching because of poor financial condition.

What 8767 s the best IAS coaching institute in Delhi to go with.???
As there are hundreds Vajiram ,sriram ,ALS, CHANKAYA. KSG and so on .

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Particularly good improvements to time management can be achieved with small groups from the same department (max 9 training delegates) - comprising colleagues from the same work team. Small group sizes and short sessions, up to two hours each, enable a strong practical focus and results-based approach. Fortnightly sessions enable follow-up and identification of next actions and changes.

All time management skills are learnable. More than likely you will see much improvement from simply becoming aware of the essence and causes of common personal time management problems. With these time management lessons, you can see better which time management techniques are most relevant for your situation.

Personal Time Management Guide Have you been trying to improve your time management skills or overall personal effectiveness? Do you feel like you are still missing some key details? If so, we've got something for you.

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