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I 8767 ve been thinking a lot this week about the pillars of the society I want to live in. The society I want to work in. The society I want to grow old in.

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We rarely recognize kindness as a form of strength, but it is. It takes strength to lead your life from a place of kindness — whether you are leading as a father, an elected official, a teacher, a CEO, or as someone in some other role.

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She walked over to her mom wearing a smile that doesn 8767 t fit and it 8767 s hurting her. No one in the room noticed. She leaned over and kissed her mom on the forehead. 8775 I thought you would be sleeping, 8776 she said.

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"Extending a hand to the most vulnerable among us is a privilege." Every week in Maria's publication The Sunday Paper, we honor individuals who are using their voices, their hearts and their minds to Move Humanity Forward. This week, we honor Rob and Reece Scheer as.

“I couldn’t read it at all. All you wrote was a bunch of scribble nonsense. If you
want to just waste my time, you could just leave the classroom.”

alarm clock was still wailing it’s annoying buzzing trying to tell me that the
start of my day was to begin at that very second. That I was to wake from my
slumber, jump out of my bed, and begin the day with a smile etched on my face.
In a perfect world, I guess that is what was supposed to happen. But we don’t
live in a perfect world, we don’t have the perfect life, and perfection is just
an unachievable idea created through the minds of imperfect people. So instead
of getting up, I just laid there, listening to the stinging sound of my alarm.

8776 Because i would hate myself for it , if i left you there and i dont want to feel bad about that for the rest of my life. Life is short and i want to live it with no regrets. Leaving you there would have been a MAJOR regret 8775 . Her eyes were wide with shock , i had caught her of guard , i didnt know exactly what she expected to hear but it was not that. I turned away from her and picked up the fish i had grilled , cut some of it off. She was still paralyzed by my words , so i took advantage of that and moved over and handed her the fish and then scooped back into my spot.

Most professional writers write three drafts or more. The first draft is often called the 8775 vomit draft 8776 or the 8775 shitty first draft. 8776 Don 8767 t share it with anyone! Your first draft is your chance to explore your story and figure out what it 8767 s about.

There’s another cliché: “Hindsight is 75/75.” Since learning of his secret life, this cliché weighedheavily on her heart. As a result of this new revelation, she became more
cognizant of others’ behavior, especially the men she dated and loved. So many
cues and signs were missed cues that actually supported the lifestyle they
lived therefore, making it almost impossible for her to think anything
otherwise. She was so in love, yet blindly lost in a lifestyle that gave her
the opportunity to be comfortable and whole as a person, for the first time in
her life. She had her cake, and she ate it.

From what I gathered, Carter Kratin was not much different from me. He too used a lot of inside information to blackmail his way to the top of Washington’s Elite.

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He scoffed, 8775 What a pretty, defenseless redhead like you? I don 8767 t think so you wouldn 8767 t even know how to get through the first branch without crying like a baby. Oh and by the way, you didn 8767 t agree to the deal because you didn 8767 t even know what it was. 8776 He turned halfway around and sighed, 8775 Now, I guess you never will. You 8767 ll just have to deal with your curiosity , as it 8767 s tearing at your soul for the rest of your miserable life. 8776 He waited for me to give in, with that wretched smile stretched across his arrogant face.

reaching the center, she looked for a decent spot to observe from.
With a few bribes and some kind words, Phoebe was able to persuade
her way to the front. While not much was happening right now, soon
the ashes would reveal their secrets.

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