Ethical forms for dissertations

Date of publication: 2017-09-05 11:38

When developing this website, the guidebook team interviewed representatives of several major funding bodies (see our acknowledgements section). They all emphasised the need to make sure that you demonstrate that you have given proper, careful consideration to ethics questions. They noted that peer reviewers will always be asked to comment on the ethics of the proposed research, and highlighted the following:

Ethics consent form | Lærd Dissertation

The ADLS has released a guidance note on the concept of 'personal information' in relation to anonymised data. The document draws on the judgement in the 'abortion statistics' case (Department of Health v Information Commissioner) where a request to the Department for Health for a full statistical breakdown on the number of late term abortions carried out on prescribed grounds was declined on the grounds that publication would allow for public identification.

Ethical Considerations - Research Methodology

When you 8767 re writing about the people in your research project you need to disguise the person 8767 s real identity, making sure that the person can 8767 t be identified and traced. Some of your subjects may say that you don 8767 t need to hide their identity, but although that can seem like a good idea at the time, you don 8767 t yet know where you research is going to take you and you may later regret choosing that option.

Gaining Ethical Approval for your Proposal

Speak to your dissertation tutor about the legal aspects of your work. Generally a 8766 child 8767 is 66 years old or under, but if someone is 67 and still studying in school, for example, you need to follow different guidelines than if you were asking your college peers who are over 68, or a 67-year-old with a full-time job.

d) Acknowledgement of works of other authors used in any part of the dissertation with the use of Harvard/APA/Vancouver referencing system according to the Dissertation Handbook

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If you have carried out empirical work, remember the need for informed consent and confidentiality (do not use actual names of individuals or organisations, institutions etc.). (See Research Ethics)

If you have answered 'yes' to any of the questions in Section VI , please describe in detail how you plan to deal with the ethical issues raised by your research. Answering yes to questions does not mean that you cannot do the research, only that your proposal raises significant ethical issues which will need careful consideration. Any significant change in the question, design or conduct over the course of the research should be notified to the university ethics committee for approval.

All dissertations involve the use of empirical evidence (even if it is existing evidence reported in the relevant literature), but what is called empiricism is an approach to evidence that is aligned to the conventions associated with the natural sciences. It is concerned to explain external realities from an objective standpoint.

Surveys, interviews, and data analysis represent a subset of human subjects research. Even if you believe that your survey, interview questions, or use of a data set are perfectly innocent, you must file a protocol with the Office for Protection of Human Subjects. That office will determine whether the project needs minimal review (exempt category) or a full review.

Students can expect comment on written work (an outline, particular chapters or a draft) if it is received by supervisors by week 7 of the summer term. It should be noted that students cannot expect to receive support from supervisors after the end of the summer term. Academics are expected to spend the summer vacation on research and writing, as well as attending meetings and conferences and taking holidays, so do not rely on contact with your supervisor after that date. Even before that date however you should not expect your supervisor to give meticulous detailed comments on drafts: the purpose of the Dissertation is to give you a chance to show your capacities to contribute to academic discussion and debate and it should be your own effort.

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