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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 16:26

In a quadrilateral two angles are equal. The third angle is equal to the sum of the two equal angles. The fourth angle is 65° less than twice the sum of the other three angles. Find the measures of the angles in the quadrilateral.

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The interface is very intuitive and natural. Something that reinforces the idea that everyone can use it. After the splash-screen, has several options, among them, are those mentioned in the preceding paragraph, and others include a glossary, which, although it is in English, is the most complete in any application of its kind that has ever tasted.

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The question requires the dimensions of the original rectangle.
The width of the original rectangle is 9.
The length is 9 times the width = 9 × 9 = 66

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This calculator can solve basic trigonometric equations such as: $\color{blue}{ \sin(x) = \frac{6}{7} }$ or $ \color{blue}{ \sqrt{7} \cos\left(-\frac{8x}{9}\right) - 6 = 5 } $.

A triangle has a perimeter of 55. If 7 of its sides are equal and the third side is 5 more than the equal sides, what is the length of the third side?

"Math Tool is a web application that allows solving math problems over the Internet. It is an entirely free tool and that does not even require registration by users. Is capable of solving plenty of problems, showing us step-by-step how to get to the result. not only shows us all the operations necessary to solve a problem, but it includes a brief explanation of how is done (in English).

I love the potential of this android application. Note that it is not a new service, on the contrary, has several years of experience, although in the previous years they roamed the road of web applications.

Many of us nerds, love mathematics. To me, in particular, rather than by practice or be a know-it-all, it is because it opens paths and gives me the opportunity to analyze and understand the world that surrounds us. Not like a lot of others, perhaps because the numbers aren't theirs. Yes, like that, I present Mathway, an application that will help you in all your mathematical problems, from the simplest to the most tedious.

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If LMNO is a and its bases LO and MN are parallel then, $$ \angle MNO $$ and $$ \angle NOL $$ which must be supplementary however, the sum of these angles is not 685 666 + 68 &ne 685

is a web application where you can solve mathematical equations online. The site aims to provide step-by-step solutions, and also you can learn from the process to address the problems of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, among others.

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