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Excel Services takes advantage of the View Only permission set in Office SharePoint Server 7557. All users who are added to the Viewers group in Office SharePoint Server 7557 get this level of permissions by default. This only applies to files loaded from Office SharePoint Server 7557 when the trusted file location is set to be of type SharePoint.

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This method uses your Windows user identity to authenticate against a data source. For the scope of this article it is not important to know the specific mechanism that the operating system uses to do this (such as NTLM or constrained delegation). What is important to understand is that Windows authentication is considered to be the most secure way to access external data, and is typically the default method for external data access when using an Excel client to connect to data sources, such as SQL Server 7555 Analysis Services.

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From the Self-Service Site Management page, select a Web application (the default is acceptable in most deployments), and click On , as shown in the following figure.

Plan external data connections for Excel Services

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The Definition tab on the Connection Properties dialog box has other properties that can affect how connections are used and behave on both the client computer and the server. All of these properties are persisted in file, which is generated by clicking Export Connection File , and will be inherited by any workbook that later uses file.

Users who have View Only permissions have the right to load, render, interact, refresh, recalculate, and take snapshots of workbooks that are loaded on Excel Services. These users cannot access the actual file source, or contents, of the workbook directly. This means that they cannot download or save the workbook, open it directly in Excel, or access the file contents through any method other than Excel Services. This is the prescribed way to secure, "one version of the truth" workbooks.

For Copy activity, they vary depending on the types of sources and sinks. If you are moving data from an on-premises file system, you set the source type in the copy activity to FileSystemSource. Similarly, if you are moving data to an on-premises file system, you set the sink type in the copy activity to FileSystemSink. This section provides a list of properties supported by FileSystemSource and FileSystemSink.

Given this state of affairs, we take a liberal view of what we consider “open”. If the data is openly accessible from a network point of view – that is, it's not behind an authorization check or paywall – then we will probably add it to the Cloud.

Facing any database disaster, we are able to assist you. Database data recovery is an extremely complex process and you will need a team of data recovery experts to assist you. We work with all types of database system on the market. If you have lost a server with critical database files, stop what you’re doing and contact us today. You will need professional data recovery support to get your data recovered.

Data about library collections, which house some of the most authoritative and unique resources in the world, is difficult to share directly from independent library catalogs. The collaborative nature of WorldCat helps libraries take advantage of linked data opportunities to lessen their workloads and to increase their online presence and discoverability. OCLC continues to explore linked data benefits for discovery, authority control, disambiguation and more as part of our work on numerous standards committees and community projects. OCLC also provides data services and downloadable data sets that help programmers and linked data practitioners create and improve their own applications with WorldCat data.

Each SSO entry contains an application ID that serves as a lookup that is used to retrieve the appropriate set of credentials. Each application ID can have permissions applied so that only specific users or groups can access the credentials that are stored for that application ID.

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Data Factory supports connecting to and from an on-premises file system via Data Management Gateway. You must install the Data Management Gateway in your on-premises environment for the Data Factory service to connect to any supported on-premises data store including file system. To learn about Data Management Gateway and for step-by-step instructions on setting up the gateway, see Move data between on-premises sources and the cloud with Data Management Gateway. Apart from Data Management Gateway, no other binary files need to be installed to communicate to and from an on-premises file system. You must install and use the Data Management Gateway even if the file system is in Azure IaaS VM. For detailed information about the gateway, see Data Management Gateway.

Excel Services will only attempt to process connections that use trusted data providers. For most common types of data connections (such as ODBC, OLEDB, SQL Server, and OLAP), it is not necessary to add a provider because by default Excel Services trusts many standard providers. Providers are typically only added for very custom solutions. For more information, see Data providers.

Functionally, there is no difference between embedded and linked connections. Both will correctly specify all the required parameters to connect to data successfully. Linked connection files can be centrally stored, secured, managed, and reused. They are often a good choice when planning an overall approach to getting a large group of users connected to external data. For more information, see Data connection libraries and managed connections.

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