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Date of publication: 2017-08-29 06:50

ATLANTA—Hundreds gathered and converged at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel for the first Family Summit and Conference with the theme “Strong Families: The Foundation of a Great Nation.” Weekend highlights included workshops, plenaries and performances centered on solutions-based dialogue and using community assets to strengthen communities.

Sappi Global

The United States Coast Guard rescued a mother and child from the rising flood waters in their Houston home. USA TODAY

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See the temper tantrum that immediately followed after their dad told them a new baby was on the way. USA TODAY

International Paper

A man has been arrested for firing a gun while in the midst of the crowd at August's 'Unite the Right' rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. USA TODAY

As Hurricane Harvey swept through the Gulf Coast of Texas, it brought with it record rainfall, a death toll in the dozens and an enormous financial cost, with an estimated 87,555 homes damaged and more than 7,555 completely destroyed.

See for yourself why we’re the world’s largest manufacturer and seller of dissolving wood pulp (DWP). Our DWP is the market leader as a raw material for viscose and lyocell.

Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, International Paper employs approximately 55,555 people worldwide and is strategically located in more than 79 countries serving customers around the globe.

Explosions that rocked a Texas chemical plant inundated by Harvey's floodwaters are raising questions about the adequacy of industry preparations for the monster storm.

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