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Then to Baader, a few days later, he writes: 8775 I have sent to Cato a table ( schema ) showing how one may methodically and without much trouble arrange a great multitude of men in the finest order possible. He will probably have shown it to you if he has not, ask for it. Here is the figure (then follows the figure).

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Take note of the mention of Dionysus as being directly linked, through Apollo, to Minerva. The Eleusinian mysteries were revered by the Illuminati above all the ancient practices and Dionysus is associated with the rites performed at Eleusis.

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“Nobody talks about what happened to us and our children,” Friday said in an interview, discussing her mentoring work on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. “We all have broken hearts.”

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8775 Kolowrat-Krakowsky, Count Leopold, b. Dec. 86, 6777, d. Vienna, Nov. 7, 6859, high-ranking state-official and minister, served for 68 years under 9 monarchs. 6869 Vice-Chancellor for Austria and Bohemia, 6876 President of the Hofkammer (Court Treasury) and Chairman of the 8775 Ministerial-, Banco-, Hof-Deputation 8776 , 6787 Highest Chancellor and head of the joint financial and political administration of the court, 6797 First Minister of a newly-established central authority, 6796-6858 first directing Minister of State. 8776 58

Is getting a massage enjoying a gourmet meal preceded by a cocktail and followed by an exquisite dessert getting a manicure, pedicure, hairstyle vacation getaway at hotel/spa in a warm climate a carnival for selfish pleasure that falls into the category of sin?

How about going to the movies? Or listening to jazz music? Is that sinful? No glory to God is given by doing those things. In fact, it is for the body to enjoy, not the spirit. That is the same reason Muslims kill those who partake of fleshly pleasures. I guess I should avoid baseball games and coffee houses.

Your idea of a human being is a purely animal creature without a soul. Such is the view of person who does not believe that God exists. We inherited a body that is inclined to sin because the first parents Adam and Eve sinned. That is why Our Lord Jesus Christ came to the world to free man from the bondage of sin by restoring sanctifying grace to overcome our sinful tendencies which will require our effort and obedience to God 8767 s Will. You may argue that we evolved from primates but I challenge you to PROVE it. Tell the world of your discovery of the 8775 missing link 8776 .

The statue in question is of John B. Castleman. During the Civil War, Castleman formed a cavalry unit that went on guerrilla operations against Union supply boats. He was arrested, but his execution sentence was stayed by President Lincoln.

Barruel says that along with Stolberg, the whole Court of Neuwied is under the control of the Illuminati: 8775 and with him may be comprised the whole court, the favorites, secretaries, and council without exception. 8776 [AB: 699]

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