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Warren Buffett is one of the world 8767 s richest men and easily the world 8767 s best investor. We 8767 ve talked before about his criteria for investing and about some of his investing strategies. But, when you look at everything all together, all of Buffett 8767 s wisdom can be broken down into a simple piece of advice that can be applied with basically any purchase: longevity.

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One may accept this or not, take it or leave it for one does not even have to be Christian, let alone catholic and orthodox. One may be governed instead by one’s own vagrant notions, and needn’t be detained by the testimonia of twenty centuries or a billion souls, in the sight of all the heavens. Perhaps my reader is smarter.

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The effects that are possible by this method are, however, restricted to galvinism. Put the electrodes on, and the frog’s legs twitch, notwithstanding the frog is a corpse. But he can’t make tadpoles any more.

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In short, Buffett spends a vast amount of his time talking to people. But he wasn 8767 t always comfortable with public speaking. In fact, he used to become so nervous before speaking engagements that he would throw up before even getting up to talk. However, he took a Dale Carnegie course and overcame those fears.

Now, the Bank of Japan is struggling to push inflation up to 7 percent a year. By this galvanic method, they think their economy might come back to life. Since Keynes, the great economic spiritualist of the early twentieth century, and ingenious dissembler of the hocal-pocal arts, almost everyone agrees that it should. Other electrodes are tactically placed to drive the Yen exchange rate down and pour borrowed money into “infrastructure.” The intention is to make the ex-frog jump, once before every election.

These essays do not necessarily represent the beliefs of any or all of the staff of the Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance. In fact, since we are a multi-faith group, it is quite likely that the beliefs expressed in these essays will differ from at least some of our staff's opinions.

If I am going to run for President (see previous Idlepost), it strikes me I will have to dress better, and shave more frequently. To which end my little sister the success in the family dragged me along the spiff section of Bloor-by-Yorkville yesterday. She had decided I would need a couple of Brooks Brothers shirts, and goodness knows what else, if I were going to make a favourable impression at, for instance, the wedding I shall soon attend of my wee tiny boy (only six-feet-eight-inches high, and suddenly shot past thirty the spittin’ image of my father sometimes). For I shall be her date on that occasion, and father-in-law to a bride, and ladies don’t like to be seen with tramps.

Early Irish poetry can be disorienting, to a poor modernist like me. I refer to verse from the sixth to ninth centuries, in Gaelic and in Latin (often with an irrepressible brogue) what the Irish call “Old,” to distinguish from their “Mediaeval” verse in the tenth through, say, the seventeenth century. Ireland is special in that way having in some sense invented Europe, she then became aloof, ignoring Renaissance and Reformation. Hence a modernity which becomes fully apparent only in the eighteenth century. But this is merely to arrange our file folders.

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