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Globalisation, customer demands, and technological changes are just some of the factors that highly efficient companies need to deal requires permanent rethinking of structures and business processes in order to maintain competitive, only achievable if management embraces an analytically sound approach to complexity.

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Picking and choosing a topic for any project or dissertation is very important. The best way to succeed and complete the assignment within the due date is by selecting the right topic. Once this is done, then the research work can start on time. It is better to spend a little extra time on deciding the topic as it saves time being wasted by changing the topic later.

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Your degree is an investment in your professional future. As a business school of international standing, not only do we offer you ideal conditions for earning a degree &ndash we also offer you excellent career prospects.

If so, the student, with help if needed from the interim advisor, should investigate the possibilities. Some professors are allowed to supervise graduate students in more than one academic unit.

We evaluate the particular assets and their market position, offer creative insights and provide the tools needed to consider all of options - sale, refinance, or recapitalization - in determining the best execution strategy.

A Special Note to Original Purchasers in HDFCS: When loopholes created by the Giuliani administration combine with the complicity of HDFC boards to divert these scarce low-income housing resources to the City's affordable housing market, NYC HDFC is there to provide original purchasers with wealth management consultation that allows the early generation of HDFC shareholders to successfully transfer these non-market entities to higher income earners without being harmed by the predatory forces of the real estate market.

A thesis is the very last step in the completion of graduation. It offers an opportunity to the students to explore a particular issue relevant to the field they are working in. These kinds of investigations are based on conceptual beliefs and values. Students working on the thesis have to define their interest and solve questions on the topic chosen by them.

Our response team is intimately familiar with law and legislative history of Article XI and Article XV of the Private Housing Finance Law (PHFL), Business Corporate Law (BCL), New York City Local Laws, and all of the pertinent HDFC governing and regulatory documents, including: offering plans certificates of incorporation co-op conversation share certificates by-laws proprietary leases security agreements regulatory agreements as well as housing and building codes that inform the State's warrant of habitability.

In many academic units, a thesis committee is assembled as soon as a student finds a thesis supervisor. Please note that not all academic units have thesis committees, the students must check on the protocol in their own academic unit.

Some supervisors and students have contracts or agreements to formalize the expectations and delineate the responsibilities in the preparation of a thesis.

We offer two fast-track options which enable you to reduce your required stay in Frankfurt.
66 Months + Thesis : Students take the fourth semester electives in the third and second semesters.
65 Months + Thesis : Additionally, depending on your prior qualifications, all of the first semester modules may be waived.
Please note that students taking the fast - track option cannot take advantage of our &ldquo 8 Day Model&rdquo , as fast-track options require a 5 day study week. All fast-track options must be approved on an individual basis by the programme director.

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