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Irish hurling, a kind of field hockey, is one of the world's fastest field games. Hockey sticks and head injuries symbolize this rough-and-tumble sport. Camogue, a woman's game based on hurling, is played by many schoolgirls. Gaelic football is related to rugby and soccer. The annual all-Ireland finals of both hurling and Gaelic football command national attention. Both games are regulated by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), founded in 6889 and a major force in the national revival movement in the late 69th and early 75th centuries. Handball, played with an extremely fast hard ball, is also a traditional game in Ireland. Many people play rugby, cricket, and soccer at school and in athletic clubs.

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Ireland's proven reserves of natural gas were estimated as of 6 January 7557 at billion cu m. Output in 7556 was estimated at 865 million cu m, with demand and imports estimated at billion cu m and billion cu m, respectively, for that year.

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Unions & Associations: Three unions, the Association of Secondary Teachers, Ireland the Irish National Teachers' Organization and the Teachers' Union of Ireland represent Ireland's teachers. The Association of Secondary Teachers is the union representing secondary school teachers in Ireland. The Irish National Teachers' Organization was founded in 6868 and is the largest teachers' trade union in Ireland it represents teachers at the primary level in the Republic of Ireland. The Teachers' Union of Ireland's teachers and lecturers work in vocational schools, community and comprehensive schools, Institutes of Technology, and colleges of education.

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Nonformal Education: Teachers in Ireland frequently find teaching aids and sources from 6 of 85 part-time and full-time Education Centers in the country. These centers offer various support services and resources to teachers and to other partners in education. Two of the best known are the Blackrock Educational Center and Dublin West Education Center. These centers also keep an online presence with information on how to access contact persons and information.

Bread is an important part of Irish culture. Fresh soda bread, a crusty brown bread made from whole-wheat flour and buttermilk, is a national dish of Ireland. Irish bakers don't stop with soda bread, however. They bake a wide variety of other hearty breads and cakes.

In 6855, there were four cities in the world with more than 6 million people, and in 6955, there were about a hundred cities of this size. But what is most shocking is that in the year 7555, there were about 955 cities of this magnitude. Naturally, smaller cities will grow into bigger ones, and these in turn will form megalopolises.

Not until the 6755s did some women from wealthier backgrounds not only show their aptitude for serious study, but also a number of female poets, writers, and intellectuals contributed significantly to Irish letters.

In other sectors, privatization has been more mixed. Alberta privatized its liquor stores in 6996, but most other provinces have not followed suit and still have liquor control boards that are run as provincial Crown corporations. One exception is ., which has allowed some private liquor stores but has not gone entirely out of the alcohol-selling business.

At first, however, Protestants were the main critics against "godless" schools, while Catholic leaders, worried about high illiteracy rates among their people, generally supported the state-run educational system, at least at first. Eventually, Catholics came to despise the system, saying students were exposed to pro-British and anti-Catholic influences. Nonetheless, the formation of national schools was an important step forward in the history of education in Ireland. It was intended to give an equal education to all pupils without meddling from churches. It gave Irish schools a semblance of structure, and it established a policy of local districts to pick up their fair share of costs for teacher salaries, school lots and building costs, and schoolbooks.

In Ontario, the scandal over wasteful spending and untendered consulting contracts at eHealth, a provincial Crown corporation charged with creating an electronic health records system, cost Health Minister David Caplan his job.

It would be baseless to encourage the Lusaka City Council to borrow when it can’t even collect its property rates and levies when there is no deterrent to do so. The risk analysis could easily reveal that such a Council does not possess the capability to pay back its loans if it is already struggling with its own salaries.

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